Complete Blood Count: The Reference Range in Male and Females.

Complete blood count (CBC) or the full hemogram (FHG) is one of the most performed laboratory test in the world.  

In this post, we present an exhaustive list of  CBC reference ranges for  both adult male and female. If you need the table as a whole, we have linked to a handy pdf you can print out and stick to your wall for a quick visual guide.

Complete Blood Count Reference Range     
CBC components and IndicesAbbr.Reference range
White blood cells (Leucocytes)WBC4.5-11.03.4-9.6x 109/L
Absolute CountNeutrophils Neut1.6- 6.51.6- 6.5x 109/L
LymphocytesLymp1.0-3.11.0-3.1x 109/L
MonocytesMono0.3-0.80.3-0.8x 109/L
EosinophilsEos0.03-0.50.03-0.5x 109/L
BasophilsBaso0.01-0.080.01-0.08x 109/L
Relative %Neutrophils Neut40-6040-60%
Bands (Immature Neutrophils)Bands0-30-3%
Red blood cellsRed Blood Cell (Erythrocyte) CountRBC4.3 - 5.93.5 - 5.5x 1012/L
HemoglobinHGB13.5-17.512.0 -1 6.0g/dL
Mean corpuscular volumeMCV80-10080-100Femtoliter (fl)
Mean corpuscular hemoglobinMCH25.4-34.625.4-34.6Picogram pg/cell
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentrationMCHC31-3631-36Hemoglobin %/cell
Red Cell Distribution Width – Standard DeviationRDW- SD39-4639-46Femtoliter (fl)
Red Cell Distribution Width- Co-efficient of VariationRDW-CV12.0-14.612.2-16.1%
PlateletsPlatelet CountPlt150-400150-400x109/L
Mean Platelet VolumeMPV8.6-15.58.6-15.5Femtoliter (fl)
Platelet Distribution WidthPDW9.4-16%

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