Covid-19 Testing Sites in Kenya (Updated 13.04.2021)


Covid-19 testing is now widely available in Kenya. Although most testing sites or facilities are located in Nairobi, more sites are coming up in other towns. Its now possible to get a Covid-19 test in Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu and Kericho among others.
Bear in mind we are referring to the PCR/DNA test here. There are many rapid tests being promoted online but these are not approved for diagnosis of Covid-19. For more details on Covid-19 testing, we have a handy article here.

Below is a comprehensive list of testing sites, location, cost and contact information of Covid-19 test currently available throughout Kenya. Please note this list is a work in progress and will be updated as new sites are set up.

CountyCovid Testing SiteContacts
BusiaBusia County Referral Hospital
BusiaKEMRI LMB Alupe
KajiadoNPHL Mobile Lab Namanga
KerichoWalter Reed Lab Kericho
KiambuKenyatta University Hospital
KilifiKEMRI Kilifi
KisumuKEMRI CDC Kisumu
Kisumu​​​​​KE​​MRI Walter Reed Project Kisumu
MachakosMachakos County Referral Hospital
MalindiMalindi Sub-county Hospital
ManderaMandera KEMRI
MombasaCoast Provincial General Hospital
MombasaIOM@ICRHK Mombasa
MombasaMombasa Hospital
NairobiAga Khan University Hospital
NairobiAMREF Medical Center, Wilson Airport
NairobiCA Medlynks Kenya
NairobiCoptic Hospital (Ngong Road)
NairobiForces Memorial Hospital
NairobiGertrude's Gardens Children Hospital
NairobiILRI Lab Nairobi
NairobiIOM Kenya
NairobiKEMRI CDC Nairobi
NairobiKEMRI CMR Nairobi
NairobiKEMRI Nairobi, HIV Lab
NairobiKEMRI P3 Nairobi
NairobiKEMRI VHF Lab Nairobi
NairobiKenyatta National Hospital
NairobiLancet Laboratories- Ngong Road
NairobiMama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Embakasi
NairobiMediheal Hospital
NairobiMeditest Nairobi
NairobiNairobi Hospital
NairobiNairobi West Hospital
NairobiNairobi South Hospital
NairobiNational Public Health Laboratories - National HIV Reference Laboratory
NairobiNational Public Health Laboratories - National Influenza center
NairobiPATH CARE Lab Nairobi
NakuruNPHL Mobile Lab Naivasha
Trans-zoiaKitale County Referral Hospital
Uasin GishuAMPATH Plus-MTRH
Uasin GishuMoi Teaching and Referral Hospital
WajirWajir County Referral Hospital

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