Random Blood Sugar (RBS): Power To Monitor Diabetes

Definition of  Random Blood Sugar Test

RBS is the measurement of blood sugar ( specifically glucose) at unscheduled time of the day. This is in contrast with fasting or 2-hour after meal testing which are done at specific time or scenario.


Utility of Random Blood Sugar Test

This test is utilized in variety of situation both within the hospital and out-of-hospital situations. The primary indication is to determine blood sugar levels at any given point. This would typically be in -:-
    • Patients suspected to have high blood sugar levels (Hyperglycemia) for example in known or suspected diabetics
    • Suspected low blood sugar level. This could be in an individual taking anti-diabetic medications or clinically suspected hypoglycemia 
Random Blood Sugar
Random Blood Sugar

How random blood Sugar is performed


Whole Blood – Finger prick, venipuncture


Glucometer, Finger Pricks, Alcohol Swabs

To perform Random Blood Sugar,  Glucometer is required
OnCall  Plus Glucometer


    • Sanitize finger with alcohol soaked swab and air dry
    • insert test strip into glucometer and wait for flashing blood drop icon
    • Prick finger with lancing device
    • Touch tip of test strip downwards on the drop of blood on the finger.
    • Read the results displayed on the glucometer screen

Reference Range:

The reference range for random blood sugar  is 3.9 – 7.8 mmol/l. A reading below 3.9mmol/l is considered hypoglycemia(low blood sugar), and above 7.8mmol/l is hyperglycemia( or high blood sugar)

Note: One episode of hyperglycemia  does not equal diabetes!  Additional testing is required to make that diagnosis.  Refer to this article, for  more comprehensive discussion on laboratory diagnosis of diabetes

Home Monitoring for diabetics

People living with diabetes are encouraged to monitor their blood sugar levels at home. Although routinely fasting and 2-hour after meal is sufficient, random blood sugar may be dome if features of hypoglycemia e.g. extreme weakness, sweating, reduced concentration are present.  Having a glucometer at home is an affordable and convenient way to monitor your blood sugar levels. 

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Bonus: We have a free 30-day blood sugar monitoring log you can download and print 


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Plasma glucose testNormalPrediabetesDiabetes
RandomBelow 11.1 mmol/l
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N/A11.1 mmol/l or more
200 mg/dl or more
FastingBelow 5.5 mmol/l
Below 100 mg/dl
5.5 to 6.9 mmol/l
100 to 125 mg/dl
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2 hour OGTTBelow 7.8 mmol/l
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7.8 to 11.0 mmol/l
140 to 199 mg/dl
11.1 mmol/l or more
200 mg/dl or more
Source: https://www.diabetes.co.uk/diabetes_care/blood-sugar-level-ranges.html

OGTT – Oral glucose tolerance test.


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