Hope for Cancer Kids Program

Kids with Cancer

The number of children being diagnosed with cancer is increasing with each passing day. Our kids’ Cancer wards are overflowing. While most childhood cancers can be effectively treated or even cured. But, the diagnostic process is usually long and expensive. Most kids end up not getting the specific diagnosis that would allow doctors to choose the right medication. As a result, their disease progresses and eventually becomes untreatable.

Why we care

Kids are a blessing from God. Kids are fighters. Kids with cancer deserve all the help to get better and continue with the business of living. We know if diagnosed early, chances of remission or even complete cure are very high. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to timely diagnosis is access to specialized laboratory diagnostic tests eg Immunohistochemistry and molecular diagnostics. Unfortunately, most parents and guardians cannot afford these advanced testing.

What we can do

With our partners, we can make access to timely diagnostics a reality. Participating laboratories are subsiding the costs substantially. We are engaging NHIF to reimburse for these tests. We are getting many stakeholders on board including vendors and manufacturers.

We are working towards creating a tokenized, blockchain-based system to govern the system

How You Can Help

Participating in this program is very easy. Reach out to us through our contact form below.

Together, we can give kids with cancer a fighting chance!

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