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Lancet Pathologists Kenya is the largest Pathology Services provider in Kenya and East Africa region.

The Lancet Group of Laboratories is incorporated in East Africa as follows:
– Pathologists Lancet Kenya Limited
– Lancet Laboratories Uganda Limited
– Lancet Laboratories Tanzania Limited
We are part of an internationally accredited pathology laboratory, providing high-quality pathology services to the medical and allied sectors, including occupational health, across Africa. This we do by operating ethically, efficiently and effectively, enabling us to provide these services at highly competitive rates.
In Kenya, we established in October 2009 and have expanded with 15 service points by 2012 to become the largest private independent laboratory network offering services directly to the public through our service points and referrals from other referring laboratories, clinics and hospitals that have networked or outsourced to us.
Our Tanzanian laboratory opened in August 2012 with a growth of more than 4 branches within Tanzania in a span of 4 months. Our Uganda operations has presence in 4 medical centres/hospitals in Kampala.
Across all our sites, we implement quality and adhere to international standards of excellence.
Our commitment is to ensure that any laboratory we open operates to international standards and is audited to these standards, as we extend our footprints in the region. Our clients have accessibility to over 3800 sophisticated routine and specialized tests from malaria to molecular diagnostics.
We operate through close interaction with the local community that we serve, training and empowering local staff with our team from outside the country coming to implement and then withdrawing to leave the local team of experts to run the show. To this end, some of the local technologists have gone to Kenya and South Africa to train.
All our laboratories are linked through a dedicated fibreoptic and wireless network that allows our pathologists to access, monitor, supervise and electronically sign out all reports in all our laboratories, thus ensuring that international expertise is injected in every result.
Our clients have accessibility to over 3800 sophisticated routine and specialized tests from malaria to molecular diagnostics.
We therefore operate as “Pathologists without Borders” to ensure that we give accurate and comprehensive results, whereby doctors and patients can call through a local number to consult with our experts on any result or inquiry simply by dialing locally to tap into our network.
Our systems are highly automated including automated reporting of results through email and many other electronic alternatives to hard copy reporting, including PathPortal and the development of an app for both Android and Apple
platforms. We also work closely with our corporate clients and hospital groups management systems to develop paperless electronic reporting platforms.

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Gong Road
5th Avenue Suites
Certification/ Accreditation
Hours of operation
24 hours

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