Health News Week July 12-18

Pain-Free Blood Sugar Test

Any development that makes measurement of blood sugar easier, safer, and stress-free is always welcome. Pain from finger-prick doesn’t make the process of blood sugar test pleasant at all.
The Aussie researchers have successfully trialed the use of saliva to monitor blood sugar levels. This is impressive on a number of levels. Non-invasive testing is always preferred as it’s painless, and no risk of transmitting an infection. In addition, it will not require a lot of technical expertise to perform.
The article also talks about how the technology could be transferred to diagnose other diseases. To find out more click on the link box above.

2. Bacterial Vaginosis ( BV): Finally some answers.

If there’s one phrase to summarise the gender bias in medical research, it would be BV. This affects anywhere between 40-90% of the planet’s women at some point in their lives. here comes the fun fact: Doctors and researchers haven’t given the condition much attention, dismissing it as a type of normal women had to live with.

But this research proves otherwise. Discovering the exact mechanism, causative agents, risk factors, and other disease mechanisms will lead to a better understanding of bacterial vaginosis. Ultimately, the goal will be to develop effective, safe, and affordable treatment as well as preventative measures.

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