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Pathologists play both technical and leadership roles in laboratory medicine. A pathologist is a specialist doctor with at least a masters degree in any of the sub-specialties in pathology.
In Kenya, there are about 92 practicing pathologists according to the practice register maintained by the Kenya Medical Practitioner and Dentists Council (KMPDC). This works out to 1 pathologist for every half a million Kenyans. With ever increasing workloads due to demands of modern healthcare, the role of pathologist is becoming ever more critical. Of special note is the emerging threat of non-communicable diseases e.g cancer and kidney diseases. These require accurate and timely diagnosis for best outcomes.

Below is a list of pathologists practicing in Kenya. We have provided you with location and contact information. Incase we miised out on any, alert us through our contact form above.

Dr Patricia Okiro

Pathologist Aga Khan University HospitalDepartment of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
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Dr Timothy Onyuma

Anatomical Pathologist
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Dr Anderson Mutuiri

Anatomical & Renal Pathologist
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Dr Jamila Rajab

Senior Lecturer
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Dr Ahmed Yakub Kalebi

Founder & CEO, Lancet Pathologists-Kenya
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Dr abdulaziz Ahmed

Head, Pathology Dept.

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Photo of Dr Anderson Mutuiri

Dr Anderson Mutuiri

Anatomical & Renal Pathologist
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