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Covid-19 In Kenya

“The Novel Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) has caused unprecedented health challenge the world has seen in living memory.
Laboratory Services have proved an invaluable resource in diagnosis, management and vaccine development”

Joseph M
Founder, CEO, Labtestzote.com

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Showcasing the best, most innovative diagnostic laboratory services

Providing healthcare providers, policy makers and end users with quality, accurate and highly actionable information.

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Browse our directory of our specially curated list of pathology specialist, complete with their specialization, office location and contacts

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Lab Directories

Discover laboratories within your locality that offer quality assured tests at affordable cost.

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Laboratory Accreditation

Laboratory accreditation provides an assurance their results are accurate and reliable. Look out for these accrediting certification for laboratories in Kenya.
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Our Expertise, Your Advantage.

Tap into our knowledge in the field of medical laboratory medicine to improve your understanding of laboratory tests. We strive to provide information in non-technical language so you can make the most of it.

Quality Control

Medical laboratory exist solely to provide quality results that help in management of patient or public health event. Our quality related content provides actionable info to improve you labs quality performance.

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Advanced Tests

Ever wondered where advanced medical tests are conducted? We have have a curated list laboratories with capability to conduct specialized tests

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Laboratory Reagents and supplies

Looking for suppliers of laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables? Head over to our suppliers directory and get contact details for your preferred supplier.

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