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Provide a laboratory Services Outsourcing service ✅

Setting up and managing a great outsourcing partnership is instrumental to profitable laboratory services. The type of services that can be outsourced is huge and changing as the medical laboratory sector evolves. that’s why elaborate can help you navigate complex relationships, partners, providers, regulatory authorities etc.

Accreditation consultancy, quality systems audit, and improvement

The modern laboratory operates in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Both mandatory and industry compliance are a reality for labs. In Kenya, KENAS accreditation communicates a commitment to quality. Our Quality Management systems team helps team handle

Laboratory-related content creation and curation.

Most laboratories and health facilities realize the need for an online footprint. Clients, doctors, and business partners research prospective labs online. The information laboratory entities can make or break you. While creating engaging content can be daunting for an in-house team, which is why our dedicated team can help

Procurement advisory of laboratory equipment, reagents, and services

As both the technology evolves at breakneck speed, the number of options for laboratory tests expands exponentially. Laboratories need to keep abreast of new testing regimens, equipment, and suppliers.

Hope for Cancer Kids Program

Many children diagnosed with cancer are unable to access critical diagnostic laboratory tests. We are supporting these children through our partners in the medical laboratory field.
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