How to use the lab request form generator.

There are times when it’s impossible to write lab requests in your request form pad. During this Covid era, patients’ consultations have gone virtual. Writing lab requests now involves writing out the physical request, taking a photo of the same, and sending it to the patient and/ the lab, via email or WhatsApp.
This comes with a number of inconvinivences.

The lab request generator helps solve these issues.

Step 1: Patient Details

Step 2: Relevant clinical information including the required lab tests

Step 3: Particulars of the requesting clinician

Step 4: Details of the lab you want to send the patient to.


  1. Faster – Instant
  2. Acurate. No more illegible handwriting causing patient sample rejection or mislabelling
  3. Simultaenous submission of the request to the lab of your choice. This allows the lab to commucinate abck any issues, pateint preparation and precautions, TATs etc.
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