Amylase, Serum


Test Description

An amylase test measures the amount of amylase in your blood or urine (pee). Amylase is an enzyme, or special protein, that helps you digest carbohydrates. Most of the amylase in your body is made by your pancreas and salivary glands, with a small amount found in your blood and urine[1].

Indications of the Test

The test is primarily used to diagnose and monitor acute pancreatitis, which is inflammation of the pancreas[5]. It is also used to diagnose or monitor other conditions affecting the pancreas or salivary glands, such as acute, chronic, or alcoholic pancreatitis, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, digestive conditions like perforated peptic ulcers, appendicitis, salivary gland infections, or tumors, and various types of cancer[3].

Patient Preparation/Instructions

There is no specific preparation required for the test. However, it is essential to inform your healthcare provider if you have any known medical conditions or are taking any medications, as these may affect the test results[2].

Typical Reference Values

Amylase levels are typically measured in units called “D units,” with a normal range of 0 to 120 D units per liter of blood[1].

Turn Around Time

Results are usually available within two business days of taking the test[5].

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