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Urine Analysis Test -10 Parameter


Test Description

A urinalysis, also known as a urine analysis test, is a common diagnostic test that examines the visual, chemical, and microscopic aspects of urine. It can provide valuable information about various health conditions and is often used to screen for or monitor urinary tract infections, kidney problems, diabetes, and other diseases.

Indications of the Test

A urinalysis is typically performed as part of a routine checkup, during hospital admission, before surgery, or as a screening tool for specific health conditions. It can also be used to monitor certain medical conditions and their treatments.

Patient Preparation/Instructions

There are generally no specific dietary restrictions for a urinalysis. However, it is recommended to inform the healthcare provider about any medications, supplements, or symptoms before the test. In some cases, the healthcare provider may provide specific instructions, such as avoiding certain medications that can affect the test results.

Typical Reference Values

The test evaluates various aspects of urine, including its color, appearance, odor, pH level, presence of substances not normally found in urine (e.g., blood, protein, glucose), cells, crystals, and bacteria. The results are interpreted based on established reference ranges for each parameter


Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for a urinalysis can vary depending on the healthcare provider or laboratory. In many cases, the results are available within a day or two.

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Urine Analysis Test -10 Parameter
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