H. Pylori Antibody Test



Test Description

The H. pylori antibody test in your blood. Helicobacter. pylori are bacteria that can invade your gut and are one of the major causes of peptic ulcer disease

Indications of the Test

The test is used to help healthcare providers determine if peptic ulcers are caused by H. pylori infection. If antibodies are present, it may indicate that the body is fighting H. pylori bacteria, but it does not necessarily mean that you have an active H. pylori infection.

Patient Preparation/Instructions

There are no specific instructions for patient preparation. However, it is essential to inform your healthcare provider if you have any known allergies or are taking any medications, as these may affect the test results.

Typical Reference Values

Normal results are negative, meaning that no H. pylori antibodies were found and that you don’t have an infection with these bacteria. A positive result means that H. pylori antibodies were found, but it does not necessarily mean that you have an active H. pylori infection

Turn Around Time

The turn around time for this test may vary depending on the lab used. It is essential to consult with your healthcare provider for specific information on turn around times.

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H. Pylori Antibody Test
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