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CA 19-9 Blood Test: Detecting and Monitoring Gastrointestinal Malignancies

The CA 19-9 blood test measures the amount of cancer antigen 19-9 released into the bloodstream. This substance is produced by many cells in the body, including some types of healthy cells and certain cancer cells. The CA 19-9 test is used to detect and monitor gastrointestinal malignancies, such as pancreatic, colorectal, and gastric cancers

Why a CA 19-9 Test is Done

A CA 19-9 test may be done:

  • If the doctor suspects there may be cancer.
  • To find out if cancer treatment is working.
  • To find out if cancer has come back (recurred) after treatment

How the Test is Done

A sample of blood is taken by inserting a needle into a vein in your arm. No special preparation is needed for this test

What the Results Mean

High levels of CA 19-9 can be found in people who have gastrointestinal malignancies, but they can also be found in people with non-cancerous conditions and other cancers. Therefore, further testing is usually needed to diagnose cancer

. It is important to note that CA 19-9 values determined on patient samples by different testing procedures cannot be directly compared with one another and could be the cause of erroneous medical interpretations


The CA 19-9 blood test is an important tool for detecting and monitoring gastrointestinal malignancies. At our laboratory, we offer accurate and reliable CA 19-9 tests to aid in the diagnosis and management of these cancers. Contact us today to learn more about our CA 19-9 test and how we can assist in your cancer care.

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