Drugs of Abuse Test: Accurate and Fast Screening for 10 commonly abused substances


Introduction to Drugs of abuse in Kenya

The 10-panel urine drugs test offers a comprehensive screening for drug abuse using a urine sample. Compared to the 9-panel test, this expanded version includes a broader range of prescription drugs commonly abused, in addition to popular illicit substances. Illicit drugs, often referred to as street or illegal drugs, are never used for medical purposes.

Substances detected by this panel are indicated below with their detection windows

Drug NameAbbreviationWIndow Period
AmphetaminesAMP1-2 days
BarbituratesBARShort Acting - 2days
Long Acting - 1-2 Weeks
BenzodiazepinesBZDShort Acting: 2 Days
Intermediate Acting: 5 Days
Long Acting: 10Days
CocaineCOC4 Days
Marijuana / Bangi / Canabinoid /WeedTHCSIngle Use 7 Days
Chronic Use: 10-30 days
MDMA1-3 Days
MethadoneMET7 Days
Methaqualone (Quaaludes)MQL2-4 Days
OpiatesOPI2-4 Days
Phencyclidine PCP8 Days

Brief overview of Drug Testing.

When drugs are consumed, the body breaks them down, producing metabolites that are excreted through urine. This process is predictable, as individuals metabolize drugs at a similar rate. Therefore, the presence of drug metabolites reliably indicates recent drug use.

Urine testing offers several advantages over other methods. Compared to blood tests, urine tests are non-invasive, painless, and have a longer detection window for drug metabolites. Although hair tests have a longer detection period, they are also significantly more expensive.

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Preparing for the Test and What to Expect

Urine Drugs Test
Container for sample – Urine Drug test

To ensure accurate results, avoid excessive fluid intake before providing a urine sample. Drinking excessive water in an attempt to manipulate the test can invalidate the results. Bring a valid ID card to the selected lab.

At the lab, the technician will provide instructions for the simple process. You will be asked to use the restroom and provide a urine sample in a container.

Understanding the Results

Results for urine drugs test typically become available within 1-2 business days. If a drug tests positive, confirmation may require an additional 2-4 days. The test provides either a positive, negative, or inconclusive/invalid result.

  • Positive result: Indicates the presence of one or more drugs at detectable concentrations.
  • Negative result: Indicates that drugs were either not found in sufficient concentrations for a positive result or were not detected at all.
  • Inconclusive or invalid result: Indicates an unsuccessful test for drug presence.

Cost of Urine Drug Test in Kenya

Our Drug testing in is the most affordable in Kenya. While most insurance may not cover the cost of drug testing, its good to check with your agent.

Our urine drug test is available at discounted rate of Ksh. 6,950

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