DNA Paternity Testing Questions: Your Top 17 Queries Answered


On this post, we will tackle the most common DNA Paternity Testing questions. I recommend reading up on our detailed explainer on DNA paternity test if you have not read it already.

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Which hospitals in Kenya offer DNA testing services?

 Answer: Several hospitals and clinics in Kenya offer DNA testing services, including Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, and Lancet Laboratories, Metropolis  among others. You can get your DNA paternity test though this website to help you navigate the complex world of genetic testing. Click here for a personalized service.


Are there free DNA tests available in Kenya?

While some research institutions and organizations might occasionally offer free DNA testing for specific purposes, most DNA tests in Kenya come at a cost due to the complex processes involved. To get alerts when free tests become available through research projects, register for our newsletter.


What is the cost of a DNA paternity test in Kenya? 


The cost of a DNA paternity test in Kenya  can vary depending on the type of test required. This will depend on  the number of alleged fathers to be tested, number of children to be tested, whether the mother is to be tested as well. The costs will range from KES 25,500 to 40,000 for one father/child pair. To get the best rate in Kenya, talk to us.


Where can I find the cheapest DNA test in Kenya?

As noted above, DNA test costs can vary widely, and it’s recommended to research different providers to find the most affordable option that still meets your needs. As the premier laboratory support services, you can leverage our partnership with leading laboratories to get the best rates.


What are the requirements for a DNA test in Kenya?

A: Generally, you will need valid identification, consent from all parties involved, and possibly a medical professional’s referral depending on the purpose of the test.

Can a paternity test be conducted without the mother’s consent?

A: In Kenya, the mothers consent is not required for self-requested test. However, such results may not be admissible in a legal process and another court mandated test may be necessary.


Is DNA testing available in Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu or Eldoret?

Yes, DNA testing services are available in these cities and through out Kenya. All you need to do is contact us on our email address or phone number, we will send you the our Easy DNA collection Kit via courier. 

 How is a paternity test conducted?

A paternity test is typically done by collecting samples of DNA from the alleged father, the child, and optionally the mother. The DNA is then analyzed to determine biological relationships.


What does ” DNA paternity test” mean?

A paternity test is a DNA-based test that determines whether a man is the biological father of a child


Is the father’s DNA required for a paternity test?

Yes, in most cases, the DNA sample of the alleged father is required for accurate paternity testing. If the father is not available or is deceased, DNA may be harvested from his close relatives like brothers.


Can a DNA test be performed with only the DNA of the father and child?

A: Yes, a paternity test can be performed using only the DNA samples from the alleged father and the child. Including the mother’s DNA, though, can increase the accuracy of the results.


What kind of sample is needed for a DNA test?

DNA samples are typically collected using a cheek swab, which collects cells from the inside of the cheek. Blood samples and other biological materials can also be used.


Where can I find a DNA testing kit in Kenya and how much does it cost?

DNA testing kits are available from various sources in Kenya, including medical facilities and online retailers. Prices can vary, but a basic kit might start from a thousand Kenyan Shillings. You can get one here


How does a paternity test work during pregnancy?

Paternity tests during pregnancy can be conducted through procedures like Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing (NIPPT), which analyzes the baby’s DNA in the mother’s bloodstream.


How long does it take to get a DNA paternity test?

Most facilities and laboratories will give you results in 5-7 working days


How will I get my results for the Paternity Test?

Most laboratories have several options for sharing the results. Secured email, online portal or print out.


How are DNA paternity Test results interpreted?

Paternity test has 3 possible outcomes:-

  1. …There is a high probability of paternity ( in layman’s terms – the tested father is the biological father)
  2. …Paternity is excluded ( The tested man is not the father)
  3. ..Indeterminate results – The test could not rule in or rule out one or more of the tested fathers. I should highlight this is a very rare occurrence

Note: We have a dedicated article on interpretation on DNA paternity test incase you want more details

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