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Pregnancy Test in Kenya

Other Names : Pregnancy Diagnostic Test (PDT), Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT)


A test done on urine to confirm pregnancy.This test can be done at home conveniently at home, chemist or laboratory.


Pregnancy test is done to confirm if a woman is pregnant

Test Principle

The test looks for the presence of b-hCG in pregnancy. After conception, this hormone is produced in large amounts by the placenta and is detectable in urine after 7-10 days post conception. The test strip membrane is impregnated with monoclonal antibodies at the test area.

The b-hcCG molecules moves up the membrane and interacts with the antibodies, forming a coloured precipitate which is visible to the naked eye. This type of tests are referred to as chromatographic immunoassays.



Test Preparation / Instructions

No special preparation is required, Its advisable not to drink too much water to avoid dilution of urine and therefore a falsely negative test. If test is negative and possibility of pregnancy is there, repeat in 2-3 days

Test Procedure

  1. Get a urine sample into a sterile container
  2. Dip a test strip into the urine up to the level indicated by an arrow.
  3. Wait 1-2 min to read the results.

Results Interpretation

A reddish to brown line(s) appear on the results part of the test strip. The first line is the control and must always appear. The second line appears only when the test is positive
There are 3 possible outcomes

  1. 1 Line – Negative i.e. Not Pregnant
  2. 2 lines –  Positive (i.e  Pregnant)
  3. 1 line (Positive only without the control line – Test invalid (repeat advised)

    Pregnancy Test Strips
    Pregnancy testing on Urine with possible outcomes


Reference Range

This is a qualitative test reported as either negative or positive

Follow-up Testing

  • If the test is negative, It may be repeated in 2-3 days.
  • If the woman is confirmed pregnant, an antenatal care (ANC)  profile  will be ordered by her primary caregiver. Click here to learn more about ANC Profiles.
  • Antenatal Screening may also be advisable

Cost of Pregnancy Test

Test Strips range from Kes.20 – 200 depending on type. If the test is done in a hospital or a laboratory, the cost ranges from Kes. 100 – 400


Interesting Titbit >>> A pregnancy test can be positive in a man… See Comment Below

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