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Unconjugated Estriol E3 Test


Test Description

The Unconjugated Estriol E3 Test is a laboratory test that measures the levels of unconjugated estriol in the blood. Estriol (E3) is a hormone that is produced by the fetoplacental unit during pregnancy. Unconjugated E3 passes through the placenta into the maternal circulation, where it is rapidly converted into glucuronide and sulfate derivatives to facilitate its excretion

Unconjugated Estriol E3 Test
The half-life of estriol in the maternal bloodstream is only 20–30 minutes. Its measurement, therefore, offers a convenient and quick evaluation of current fetal status

Indications of the Test

The Unconjugated Estriol (E3) Test is used as an adjunct biomarker in the prenatal diagnosis of disorders of fetal steroid metabolism, including Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome and X-linked ichthyosis.

It is also used to evaluate primary or secondary fetal adrenal insufficiency after excluding other rare single gene including aromatase deficiency and  17 alpha-hydroxylase deficiency

Additionally, the levels of unconjugated estriol in a pregnant woman’s blood can provide important information about the health of the pregnancy and the development of the fetus.
This test is also performed as part of Triple Screen for Down Syndrome.

Patient Preparation/Instructions

There is no specific patient preparation required for the Unconjugated Estriol (E3) Test.

Typical reference values

The reference range for the Unconjugated Estriol (E3) Test varies depending on the gestational age of the fetus. The levels of estriol in a pregnant woman’s blood increase steadily throughout pregnancy and most rapidly during the third trimester.

A low uE3 level can indicate the possibility of aromatase deficiency

Turn around Time

The turnaround time for the Unconjugated Estriol (E3) Test varies depending on the laboratory performing the test. However, a more rapid turnaround for the test result is possible.

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